What do you need?

We are a multidisciplinary work team able to attend any need that our customers may have.
Our aim and goal is to give a new use to what you don’t need, emphasizing to attend you with the best possible service.

Waste Management

Whatever waste material that comes from your process of production, we can manage all the recycling process or transport to the plant for waste treatment:

  • Scrap
  • Metals
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Batteries
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • End-of-life motor vehicles
  • Wood

Installation of storage and further waste collection to take advantage of the sorting at source. For this, Recuperacions Corbella SL has a wide range of containers( C-30, C-6, C-1), compactors, boxes and machinery. We certify the destruction of all the confidential information and the residual or redundant stock. The customer may also ask for filming all this process of destruction.

We follow the environmental legislation

We release with every pickup, the oficial tracking sheet. That shows that your company is doing a proper wasting materials management.

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Supporting Services

We take part in emptying and demolition buildings, disassembling plants all with the maxims security guarantees and customer satisfaction.

We collect selected recyclable material in your plant or wherever is necessary and transport them to the proper destination.

We also have enough room in our plant and industrial buildings, where we can stock your machinery during all time you need.

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Machinery valuation

We value you used machinery and find the best solution for both parts. In certain cases, we are able to find other companies interested in this used machinery.

When there’s no other option, we separate and segregate the components of the machinery in order to classify them for waste treatment or recycling.

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